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To inspire and motivate the leaders of tomorrow to

Think BIGGER. Be BETTER. Achieve MORE.

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Our Vision

To help business leaders and career professionals across the globe to think bigger, be dynamic and achieve more every day.


Core Values

Be Courageous

We will make the tough decisions. Ask the hard questions of ourselves and others. We always speak up, be heard and instil courage in others.

Never stop learning

We strive to be the best at what we do. By gaining valuable feedback, ensures we improve, enhance and evolve a service that continually delivers excellence.

True potential

We see life as a process. It’s about building levels of trust, communication, performance and enhancing the quality of our relationships. We thrive and evolve, no matter our starting point in life.

Be yourself

We are congruent between what we say, do, think and feel. It’s not just about being honest, and it’s being authentic, transparent and acting with integrity no matter what the challenge.

What we do!

The Power Within Training & Development was founded by husband and wife duo, James and Enas Fleming, to inspire people around the world to


 We set up our company to help people -businesses- and organisations – create, build and develop a success culture within their business or careers aspirations using our award-winning Motivational Intelligence Formula.

How we do it?

While most professional development and leadership training programmes deal with skills gaps, our company’s focus is on the gaps in the belief system and internal motives, the gaps that undermine your self-confidence, affect your overall performance and productivity in your career aspirations, business development or within your workplace. We work with you or your business to bridge the gaps between where you are now and where you need to be.

Our Mission

We strive to give business owners and career professionals of today the opportunity to achieve their full potential through Motivational Intelligence, by guiding and showing them how to make the changes in their business or career. So, they can become the leaders of tomorrow within their chosen industry or profession.

Think BIGGER. Be BETTER. Achieve MORE.

Motivational intelligence uncovers your true potential, changes your behaviours and guides you on a path to become happier, more fulfilled and successful.


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